When it’s time to move — whether you’ve known about it for months or just found out last week — there’s a huge decision you have to make: pack everything up and move by yourself, or use a residential moving service in Canoga Park.

As a moving company, of course, we want you to use a moving service when it’s time to pack up and head to a new location. But the fact is, there are many very logical reasons why you should choose movers over simply doing it yourself. Let’s take a look at some problems you can avoid if you choose a local moving company.

You Can Avoid Injury

When you think of people injuring themselves when trying to move their belongings, you probably think of them dropping large items on their toes or bloodying their shins on a piece of furniture. But more often, the injuries that people experience are back injuries. Many people who get a back injury while moving themselves will feel that injury for the rest of their lives, especially if they blow out a disk.

When you use a residential moving service in Canoga Park, you simply don’t have to worry about getting injured during the move. You don’t have to worry about short-term pain or long-term injury that can occur just by lifting a box of books.

You Can Avoid Breaking Your Stuff

Most people who pack and move themselves are pretty disappointed when they get to their destination and find something destroyed. The most common problem is when something in their rented moving van shifts and comes crashing down from above, damaging both the item itself and anything it happens to hit.

That’s not really a problem when it comes to your local movers. Since we do this every day, we know the best way to pack a truck so that everything arrives safely at your new place (and if for some reason it doesn’t, we’re insured). If you hire us as your movers and packers, we can pack the boxes so that the fragile stuff isn’t being compacted by a box of heavy power tools. Thanks to the hauling equipment we have, your antique china hutch isn’t going to go crashing to the ground during the move, either.

You Can Focus On Other Important Stuff

If you’re moving, you’re going to be busy. Maybe you have to look for a new job, or get ready for the job that caused the move in the first place. You’ll have to contact the utility company in order to get everything switched over (or turned off if you’re hiring a long distance moving company and moving out of state). You might have to deal with school transfers for your kids, or answer questions coming in from the contractors building your new house. In short, you have a lot to deal with because of the move; wouldn’t it be nice to have the move itself taken off your plate?

Contact Your Local Movers!

We hope we’ve convinced you that choosing a residential moving service in Canoga Park beats moving yourself. Contact your local moving company to get the process started!